The Accountant is unlocked by researching Finance in the Bureaucracy menu. The Accountant is part of the Administrators group and compiles the financial Reports. The accountant allows you to spend more money per day on staff, materials, and objects, as long as your current funds allow it.

Costs Edit

  • The Finance research, required for the accountant, costs $500 and takes 6 hours in game to unlock.
  • Each accountant costs $1000 to hire and $200 per day.

Requirements Edit

  • Fully functional office required for the accountant before they will begin research on anything.
  • In order to hire the accountant, you can't be at your spending cap.
  • You must have a Warden to research before hiring the Accountant.

Tips Edit

  • Be careful when spending over the daily limit, otherwise you may spend too much and not have money for an emergency.
  • Getting the accountant early on is a good decision, as it allows you to hire more staff within the first few days.
  • If your expenses greatly increase upon firing your accountant this is likely because you lost your tax breaks. Just hire her back.