Prison Architect Wiki

When playing on Steam, 18 achievements can be earned.

Achievement Requirements
Achievements Architect.jpg
Architect Shared a prison via Steam Workshop.
Achievements Confined.jpg
Confined Build a sandbox prison with 1000 prisoners.
Achievements Crowd Control.jpg
Crowd Control Complete all optional objectives on Riot.
Achievements DB Cooper.jpg
D.B. Cooper Sell your prison and make over $1,000,000 profit.
Achievements Dont Put Me In The Dark.jpg
Don't Put Me In The Dark Executed a prisoner on death row.
Achievements Freedom.jpg
Freedom Complete optional objective on Bootstraps.
Achievement Get Busy Living.jpg
Get Busy Living Achieve a re-offending rate of 25%.
Achievements I May Have Found A Way Out Of Here.jpg
I May Have Found A Way Out Of Here Escape from a decent prison in Escape Mode.
Achievements Iron Bars.jpg
Iron Bars Build a sandbox prison with 500 prisoners.
Achievements Its Not What You Know.jpg
It's Not What You Know... Unlocked all Polaroids.
Achievements Its What You Can Prove.jpg
...It's What You Can Prove Unlocked all Game Bible pages.
Achievements Reformation.jpg
Reformation Complete all optional objectives on Conviction.
Achievements Samuel Norton.jpg
Samuel Norton Have a cashflow of $50,000 or more.
Achievements Spare The Rod.jpg
Spare The Rod Stopped a riot of 50 or more prisoners.
Achievements Stone Walls.jpg
Stone Walls Build a sandbox prison with 100 prisoners.
Achievements Throw The Book At Them.jpg
Throw The Book At Them Complete the story.
Achievements Wait and Hope.jpg
Wait and hope Unlock entire tech tree.
Achievements Warden.jpg
Warden Loaded a prison from Steam Workshop.