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All-Day and a Night DLC is a DLC that is available for the Xbox 1, PS4, and the Xbox 360. All day and A Night was released on August 2, 2016, for the Consoles. It is currently not available for the PC. New Wardens means new opportunities! Think you can run the prison?

☀ contains 8 new wardens, 8 new prison maps and 8 new plots to build on your prison experience and bend the rules!


  • 8 new wardens.
    • Hunter McGreevy
    • Rick Beresh, MD.
    • Tom Dunwright
    • Warden W-800
    • Walt "The Wolf" Wilson
    • Shaun Fernandez
    • Nero
    • El Cocinero
  • 8 new maps.
    • The Hole
    • Wolf Yard Penitentiary
    • Montebello Correctional Facility
    • The Motherboard
    • The Rock
    • Clandestine Cove
    • The Lap of Luxury
    • The Workhouse
  • 8 new plots to build on.
    • Phoenix Park
    • Lonely Plains
    • Offshore
    • Black Knight City
    • Alcatraz Island
    • Buchannon Bay
    • Jinx Island
    • Lake Exceptional


  • A Warden can bring Legendaries. A former Inmate, he's always happy to accompany his former inmates Attracts Legendary Inmates and those with reputations.

Meet The Staff[]

  • Hunter McGreevy sends inmates wanting to participate in the Workshop with no training- not recommended if you want to keep the realism.
  • Rick Beresh, MD makes the showers have a calming effect on prisoners, supressing their needs for a random amount.
  • Tom Dunwright makes all recreational objects, like TVs or radios to have a better effect on the prisoner.
  • Warden W-800 makes armed guards faster and make them have more precision with tasers.
  • Walt “The Wolf” Wilson lowers the staff wage, the office and staff room requirements and attracts legendary inmates and those who have a reputation.
  • Shaun Fernandez makes the construction really cheap, as you can hire more workers and build more, but prisoners can dig tunnels twice as fast.
  • Nero guarantees that your first batch of prisoners will have the 3 gang leaders.
  • El Cocinero adds a ”fine dining” option of the policy, which means that prisoners may not have complains about the food, and he also reduces the price of cooks