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Once you are satisfied a Prisoner has had sufficient chance to appeal, you may schedule an Execution. This can be done from his Rap Sheet, and once begun, it will take over your view until over.

New Staff: Lawyer[]

Main article: Lawyer

Unlocked in the usual way through Bureaucracy, and requires his own office. The lawyer grants access to a variety of legal loopholes and new facilities for your prison.

  • Minimum cell size removal: Prison cells can be built to any size. They must still contain a bed and a toilet.
  • Indeterminate sentences: Prisoners can now be assigned lock-up or solitary confinement that remains in place until you say otherwise.
  • Death Row: Opens up the opportunity and responsibility of executing prisoners sentenced to death.

New Room: Reception[]

Main article: Reception

An optional room, that gives Prisoners a dedicated arrival point (replacing Deliveries) Once built, all new prisoner arrivals will go through this room.

  • Prisoners must be escorted into the Reception room, then strip-searched. Any contraband will be found.
  • They are then given fresh uniforms.
  • Guards then escort them (still shackled) to their destination - either a cell or a holding cell.
  • The process requires lots of available guards, but is much more secure than arrivals through Deliveries.

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