Prison Architect Wiki

Cell Grading

All prison cells are now graded on quality/luxury, on a scale 0 - 10
Factors that can affect the cell grading:

  • Room Size
  • Outside facing window
  • Desk & Chair
  • TV & Radio
  • Bookshelf
  • Shower

= Misbehaviour / Temperature changes

  • Prisoner 'boiling point' now factors in punishment/reform/health/security.
    This means prisoners become less likely to misbehave over time, if you successfully punish/reform them, and take care of their health and security
  • Prisoner tooltip now shows time since last misconduct (good behaviour time)
  • Prisoners with long sentences ahead of them are now more likely to cause trouble than before
  • A prisoners re-offending chance is now recorded when they first visit the prison.
    This value is visible in their Rap Sheet, under 'Grading', in the tooltip for Re-offending rate.

= New room : Mail Room

  • Allows your prison to receive mail from the outside world - i.e. letters from inmates families
  • Bags of unsorted mail will arrive every day at 6am, and be taken to the mail room
  • Prisoners work within the mail room to sort the mail into satchels, ready for delivery
  • Prisoners or Guards then take those satchels around the prison and deliver the mail.
  • Prisoners experience gains in Family, Recreation and Comfort when reading mail
  • The incoming unsorted mail is a new source of smuggled contraband

New item : Radio

  • An additional luxury item you can place in a cell to improve it
  • Prisoners can listen to a radio for recreation (very similar to the way TV works)

- Deliveries, Garbage, and Exports must now be at least 1x3 (previously would have been ignored if less than 3 high)

Fire (continued)

  • Fire now destroys utilities like pipes and electrical cables
  • Fire trucks will now leave dead and unconscious firemen behind
  • Firemen now take 75% less damage from fire than other entities
  • Entities now react better to fire - avoiding it where possible
  • Fire-engine siren sound now shuts off correctly

= Bug Fixes