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A Bakery is a room where prisoners with experience in cooking or customer service can bake bread, cakes and cupcakes and sell them to Civilian Customers. This room was added by the Second Chances DLC.

Prisoners will start baking goods as soon as their work shift starts. They take flour from the fridges and add it to a dough mixer. Once the dough is ready they will move it to an oven. The finished good will be moved on a cake stand (for cakes and cupcakes) or in a display counter (for bread loaves and buns). Once a customer arrives, they will move the selected good to the counter and sell it for $5.

Prisoners can only work at the Bakery if they possess at least 50% experience in Cooking or Customer Service, which can be gained in three ways:

  • Pre-existing Work Credential (up to Maximum Security level)
  • Training Programs (Kitchen Safety and Hygiene or Three Strikes Training, for Cooking and Customer Service respectively);
  • Taking part in labour job in the Kitchen or the Shop.


You can also use Wall Panels to separate the "kitchen" from the "customers" area. Note that people can walk through counters and other objects, but can't walk through panels.

You can have 1 prisoner working in the Bakery for every 12 squares; therefore you can have 2 workers assigned in the smallest Bakery allowed (5x5).


Prisoners with access to the Bakery can acquire weapons and tools (most of them made of metal, so it is adviced to use a Metal Detector) and booze ingredients (used to produce narcotics).

  • Knife (Weapons, Tools, Metal)
  • Fork (Weapons, Tools, Metal)
  • Spoon (Tools, Metal)
  • Scissors (Weapons, Tools, Metal)
  • Booze Ingredient (Narcotics, Produced Narcotics)
  • Whisk (Tools, Metal)
  • Rolling Pin (Weapons, Tools)

Tips and Tricks[]

Zoning the Bakery into 2 areas (for example, one for the prisoners with the counter and the "kitchen", and one for the customers on the other side of the counter) has only a cosmetic effect, as the customers may go anywhere they please in the Bakery. For example, they will go straight through "the kitchen area" if that's the shortest way to reach the road. If you care about aesthetics, plan the Bakery so that your customers enter from the door that leads to the shortest route for both the northern end and the southern end of the road (or your helipad/dock, depending on how your the civilians arrive to your prison).

It may happen that none of the prisoners working at the Bakery have Cooking experience: in this case, they will stay in the room but won't cook anything. Be sure to have the Kitchen Safety and Hygene program available for your prisoners.