Prison Architect Wiki

Barbed Wire is an object placed on top of walls and fences by workers and is used to slow down escaping prisoners. If no fences are available they will create improvised ropes. Prisoners will take damage from the wires when they are attempting to climb over. This can be avoided by climbing an adjacent tree and jumping from it.

The wires may cause injured prisoners to lose their consciousness and even die. As such inmates will attempt to avoid walls with barbed wire, especially if guards are nearby. Instead they will look for other ways such as tunnels and breaking entrances (doors/gates).


  • Walls used to come with their own form of barbed wire (which had no bearing on its properties) before it was removed in order to make way for the new update.
  • As of Update 15, certain prisoners gifted with certain traits will possess the ability to scale walls during an escape, e.g. fences.
  • Sniper towers will make prisoners think twice before attempting an escape, unless they have an advantage.