Prison Architect Wiki

Beds are imperative items of furniture used by prisoners to satisfy their sleep needs. In terms of appearance, they are standard with a pale-green duvet color and single pillow. They are required in every cell type, e.g. family cells, dormitories. They can also be used in dormitories as cheaper alternatives to the Bunk Beds, which will also increase the prison's capacity.

Comfort needs can also be satisfied by a bed. Prisoners will lie/sit on the edge of the bed as opposed to getting in it and sleeping. From here, prisoners can read books (when a bookshelf is in their room), listen to the radio or watch TV simultaneously to satisfying their comfort and recreational needs.

A Soft Pillow can be added on top of a bed's normal pillow to improve the quality of a cell and help with a prisoner's Comfort and Sleep needs.


The Bucket update added several variant to the standard bed, the comfy bed, Foam Mattress and old bed. The comfy bed increases a cells grade, but are more expensive than the standard bed. The foam Mattress and old bed will decrease the cell grade, but in return are cheaper.


  • The Superior bed made in the workshop looks like the comfy bed, but cannot be used in cells.
  • Clean uniforms will be placed on the beds in the cells. Beds acts as a delivery point.
  • When digging escape tunnels, prisoners may place a dummy or paper mache in the bed.


  • In an earlier alpha there was a glitch that made it so when prisoners sleep, they were turned into a random, bronze colored sprite.