Prison Architect Wiki

The boat dock is part of the Island Bound DLC and a new transport system that replaces the normal supply truck and deliveries. The boat dock allows supplies and people to be delivered by sea, using 3 types of boats:

The boat dock is already pre-built on all the island and connected island plots and can be dismantled and moved if another one exists.

Building a boat dock is very simple. A straight line of shoreline that has a clear path to it from the edge of the map is required.

You can have as many docks as you want which can be very useful in creating a better delivery system across the whole island.

Boat docks can be customized in Logistics > Transport, where you can toggle each of the services or just part of it off and on. Those services are:

  • Deliveries: Building materials, Food, Mail and Workshop materials.
  • Prisoners: Minimum, medium, maximum, supermax, death row and Criminally Insane.
  • Visitors: Self explanatory.
  • Items: Garbage and export materials.

Boat docks can also be linked to their designated locations:

  • Delivery
  • Garbage
  • Exports
  • Storage
  • Reception.


  • Docks can be the source of contraband so allowing prisoners to enter the dock area is not advised.
  • There's also a fourth type of boat, a ferry that has its own ferry dock.