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Body Armour, or stab vests, are pieces of protective clothing utilised by all guard types, excluding snipers. They appear dark, navy blue and are put on top of a guard's uniform.

They are researched by the Chief and once they are unlocked, all guards will attempt to retrieve body armour from a nearby Armoury.

Each vest costs $100, and this fee will be deducted every time you hire a new guard, armed guard or dog handler.

Body Armour will grant the wearer a 50% increase in their toughness rating. In other words, security staff members will be able to last longer in physical conflict. However, body armour will reduce the movement speed of the wearer by 30%. Despite this, the body armour upgrade is still highly beneficial since it heavily reduces the chance of a guard dying in physical combat.

Tips & Tricks[]

Players who are playing in Warden Mode can acquire a vest for their Warden in the Armoury, who will be a target for misbehaving prisoners.


  • The armour is based off a stab vest.
  • The player warden can wear the armour but it will not increase your HP