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Boxing rings are pieces of recreational equipment that provides a safe area for prisoners to fight in. Fights that take place in the ring are the only fights, in-game, that do not violate prison policy or arouse action from guards.

  • Exercising in the ring lowers both the recreation and exercise needs of the prisoner(s).
  • Including a boxing room in a gymnasium will raise its room grade by 1 point.
  • Use of the boxing ring may manipulate prisoner reputations, causing them to become stronger/tougher.

Prisoners who fight in the ring are susceptible to injury or unconsciousness. This will prompt a nearby guard or doctor to transport them to the nearest infirmary.


  • The boxing ring bears the logo of Double 11 - Prison Architect's developers.
  • Prisoner reputations will not be manipulated by boxing ring use if dynamic reputations is not enabled.