Prison Architect Wiki

Closed Circuit Television, or more simply CCTV, is a camera surveillance object available in Prison Architect unlocked by researching surveillance in bureaucracy screen. CCTV cameras can be mounted on walls, fences, camera pillars, and can even be positioned on their own.

It is used to reveal fog of war in unguarded areas of your prison. The CCTV camera has a visual range of 20 blocks. CCTV Cameras will only work fully if they are connected to a CCTV Monitor via the connect wires tab in utilities.

  • After you click the monitor, a green line (wire) will stretch from the monitor to your mouse until you click on something to connect.
  • Said monitor requires a direct electrical connection as well as a guard to operate it.
  • If a CCTV Monitor is not linked up with a CCTV camera, a triangular red "!" will flash until an active link has been established.
  • Once the camera is in operation, and a guard is monitoring it, it will scan its proximity in an approximately 180 degree motion unless it's place in a corner in which it will only do 90 degrees.

8 cameras can be connected simultaneously to 1 CCTV monitor. If more cameras are added, the monitor will cycle through the additional cameras. This means that some areas in your prison will go dark, and you won't be able to monitor them via the camera until its turn in the cycle.


  • When connecting multiple cameras to a CCTV Monitor, hold the SHIFT key so you can connect multiple cameras without having to go back and click 'connect' manually each time.
  • In order to connect the camera successfully, the CCTV camera must be connected from the monitor to the camera, connecting from the camera first and then the monitor does nothing.
  • CCTV cameras have no effect on the danger level of your prison. They do not induce a suppression or any other status effect on your prisoners. They do however reduce a Canteen and Common Room's grading.