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A CCTV monitor is a terminal used by guards to watch connected CCTV camera feeds. CCTV Monitors must be constantly monitored by a guard in order to view area covered by camera.

  • In order for a guard to voluntarily position themselves at a CCTV monitor they must have free time. Guard assignments for deployment and patrols are assigned first.
  • Any guards not deployed will then be assigned to prisoner intake or movement (to cells or punishment); and finally any remaining guards will wander into the security office and use the CCTV monitor.
  • That is assuming they are also rested and not injured otherwise they will go to a staff room or infirmary. To ensure coverage check that you have enough guards to cover all other prison needs and resting periods so that extra guards will wander in and monitor the cameras.

CCTV cameras are connected using Connect wire in utility tab on the toolbar or by clicking the camera/monitor and clicking the connect room there. Quick connect will link any clicked objects automatically.

There is no current known limit to the amount of CCTV Cameras that can be linked to a Monitor. However, only 8 cameras will be viewed on one monitor at a time. If more than 8 are connected, the monitor will cycle which cameras are being viewed by the monitor.


  • As of Alpha 20, guards will position themselves at a CCTV Monitor by themselves.
  • Armed guards and dog handlers can't use the monitor