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Page topics, and their content, that are categorised in 'campaign' must be relevant to the category. They should, in one or multiple ways, be associated with one or more of the five prison stories available to play in the campaign. The prison stories are as follows: Death Row, Palermo, G.A.B.O.S., Conviction, Bootstraps. The following are key examples:

  • Key protagonists/characters that make significant appearances in one or more of the 5 prison stories.
  • Walkthroughs and tutorials that detail how to complete one or more of the 5 prison stories.
  • Descriptions, synopses and details of one or more of the 5 prison stories.


The Prison Architect Campaign Stories were added to the game on its Version 1 release. As aforementioned, there are five prison stories which are as follows:

  1. Death Row (Introduction) - teaches the basic elements of the game including the simple elements of a death row execution.
  2. Palermo - teaches logistics regarding food distribution, the dealing of fires and general construction/deconstruction of destroyed foundations.
  3. G.A.B.O.S. - teaches the basic elements of a prison riot, the security personnel responsible for handling misbehaving prisoners and how to deploy them, the use of riot tactics and some security equipment.
  4. Conviction - teaches the basics of prison reform programs and rehabilitation.
  5. Bootstraps - acts as a 'final test' to apply all you've learnt in creating a small facility of your own.


The following is a list of major and minor characters which make an appearance in one or more of the above prison story chapters. In no apparent order:

  • Charles Wallace, the CEO of Prison Architect Corps.
  • Edward Romsey, deceased ex-convict and death row inmate.
  • Susan Romsey, deceased wife of the deceased Edward Romsey.
  • The Chief, head of prison security.
  • The Priest, roman catholic religious leader.
  • Don Palermo, mob boss and head of the Palermo family empire.
  • Anthony Palermo, deceased firstborn of Don Palermo and relinquished heir to the Palermo throne.
  • Sonny Palermo, deceased son of Don Palermo, considered 'runt-of-the-litter'.
  • Vitalia Palermo, only daughter of Don Palermo, sole successor of the Palermo throne.
  • Nico Tamoretti, ex-husband of Vitalia Palermo (married into the family).
  • Wiggins, deceased ex-convict and ally of Nico Tamoretti.
  • Douglas Benedict, deceased ex-convict who inspired a large scale riot.
  • The Negotiator, officer assigned to the Alchemico Prison riot.
  • Mayor Calvin Heller, political leader of prison politics and firm believer in prisoner punishment.
  • Henry Morgan, reformed ex-convict and old ally of Douglas Benedict.
  • Doctor Walter Hurst, qualified doctor of prisoner psychology and firm believer in prisoner reform.
  • Kerry Morgan, spouse of Henry Morgan and mother of their young daughter.
  • Officer Keane, prison guard working at Henry Morgan's facility.
  • Reporter, employee of CNDC News.

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