Page topics, and their content, that are categorised in 'rooms' must be relevant to the category. They should, in one or multiple ways, be associated with one or more of the 35 different room types which are listed below. The following are key examples:

  • Specific rooms and their descriptions.
  • Tutorials detailing how to designate rooms.


Rooms are defined areas with a defined function. Most rooms require specific objects in order to function correctly. Only a few rooms have no requirements.

  • Rooms can be as large as the player desires. There is no maximum size.
  • Any object can be placed in any room, even if it is not required/serves no function.
  • Rooms don't need to be limited to four walls, i.e. they don't have to be square/rectangular.

A patched version of Prison Architect meant that rooms would not extend past the confines of any door. For example, if you built segregated toilets for your prisoners within a canteen, and designated the entire area as a canteen, you would find yourself with tiny individual canteen areas in each single toilet. There is a mod capable of fixing this.

Below is the table of available room types. Click on each of them for more information.

PA Cell PA HoldingCell PA Solitary PA Canteen PA Kitchen
Cell Holding Cell Solitary Canteen Kitchen
PA Shower PA Yard PA Storage PA Deliveries PA Garbage
Shower Yard Storage Deliveries Garbage
PA Execution PA Workshop PA Security PA Office PA Infirmary
Execution Workshop Security Office Infirmary
PA Morgue PA CommonRoom PA Laundry PA Visitation PA CleaningCupboard
Morgue Common Room Laundry Visitation Cleaning Cupboard
PA Kennel PA Armoury PA Staffroom PA Library PA Forestry
Kennel Armoury Staff room Library Forestry
PA Classroom PA Exports PA Chapel PA Parole PA Reception
Classroom Exports Chapel Parole Reception
PA MailRoom PA Shop DormitoryIcon FamilyRoomIcon


Mail Room Shop Dormitory Family Cell Nursery

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