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Page topics, and their content, that are categorised in 'toolbar' must be relevant to the category. They should, in one or multiple ways, be associated with the blue toolbar displayed at the bottom of standard gameplay. The following are key examples:

  • Descriptions and detailed definitions of individual features of the toolbar, e.g. intelligence.
  • Descriptions and detailed definitions of smaller sub-menus of a toolbar tab.
  • Descriptions and detailed definitions of the emergency command tabs in red.


Located at the bottom of the screen, in normal gameplay, is the toolbar - a set of blue icons which give the player to certain displays, functions and overviews which are fundamental for the maintenance of any prison and for overall gameplay.


PA Foundations Tab.jpg

The foundations tab provides the player with the ability to set and lay down either brick or concrete building foundations. This tab is vital for the general construction of your prison. Your workmen will respond to whatever foundations you place.


PA Materials Tab.jpg

The materials tab provides the player with different decorative flooring, ground textures and walls. These also carry certain properties which affect walk speed or entity path-finding. Materials also improve the aesthetics of your prison.


PA Rooms Tab.jpg

The rooms tab allows the player to designate ready-made buildings as certain areas which perform different functions for your prison entities. Rooms will require certain objects in order for them to work. You can also remove or swap room designations.


PA Objects Tab.jpg

The objects tab allows the player to install a vast list of objects. Objects perform different functions, but the primarily, they serve to satiate the needs of your entities, specifically those of the staff members and prisoners. Objects can be damaged and destroyed whilst in your prison which your workmen can repair.


PA Staff Tab.jpg

The staff tab allows the player to hire individuals essential for the running, maintenance and security of their prison. Each individual is different and performs unique and imperative duties. Staff will need to take breaks from time to time to rest - they cannot work tirelessly.


PA Utilities Tab.jpg

The utilities tab allows the player to install power systems, electrics, water systems, plumbing, technology & wiring. Their prison will require these in order to function correctly. Most of the objects will require electrical power or a water connection (or both) in order to function.


PA Deployment Tab.jpg

The deployment tab displays an overview of your guards' positions, patrol routes in your prison. It also grants the player the ability to assign areas of your prison to a specific category, e.g. staff-only, protective custody only. Path-finding tools and other smaller tools can be found here.


PA Logistics Tab.jpg

The logistics tab allows the player to assign prisoners to work around their prison. There are also views which allow the manual setting of food and laundry distribution. If turned on, the temperature of areas in your prison can be viewed from this overlay.


PA Intelligence Tab.jpg

The intelligence tab provides the player with an intelligence report of the amount of contraband in and around your prison. Furthermore, it shows information about any gangs in your prison as well as any hired confidential informants and information they've gathered during their stay.

Quick Build

PA Quick Build Tab.jpg

The quick-build tab allows the player to place ready layed-out foundations accompanied with a room designation and the required objects for that room. Currently, these include:

  • Basic Cell
  • Luxury Cell
  • Utilities Room
  • Canteen
  • Office
  • Solitary Cell
  • Shared Cell

There is also a clone tool which allows the player to copy and paste already built rooms. The maximum range the clone tool covers is a 12x12 square. This essentially saves the player the need to lay out a foundation manually, designate the room and install each individual object.


PA Planning Tab.jpg

The planning tab allows the player to essentially 'blueprint' future building plans for their facility without the fear of the workmen actively laying out foundations. The blueprints will appear grey and faint - they will remain until a foundation, object or pathway is placed over them.


PA Emergencies Tab.jpg

The emergencies tab allows the player, if necessary, to temporarily call-out emergency service assistance such as the firemen, riot police or paramedics. The respective service will arrive in an emergency vehicle on the prison's main road. They can be controlled by the player.


The Bureaucracy tab used to be part of the toolbar but as of Alpha 28 its location was changed and moved to the top of the screen. Furthermore, if cheats are activated, a spawn tab will appear next to the 'Emergencies' tab which allows you to spawn most if not all things possible in the game.

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