Prison Architect Wiki

It is a room for prisoners to fulfill their Spirituality need. The chapel require a sitting place for every prisoner that wants to pray. It is also the room where the 'Spiritual Guidance' Program takes place.

Spiritual Guidance[]

The Spiritual Guidance program takes place here. Maximum of 20 prisoners can attend the program per session which lasts 2 hours. A Spiritual Leader will arrive at your prison (during scheduled work hours- set in regime) and will provide a calming status effect to your prisoners. The status effect can also pass on to other prisoners. The program time can be adjusted with micromanagement (unlocked in bureaucracy).

Prisoners can pray without attending the program during other times such as Freetime if scheduled in the regime.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Even though pews take up 4 spaces, they also allow 4 prisoners to sit: thus the difference between a prayer mat and a pew is negligible.