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The Chief is the head of overall prison security and is an imperative necessity for your prison's stability and basic operation. He is arguably the second most important administrative staff member in Prison Architect. You can only hire one chief and requires an office.

Unlocked by researching Security in the Bureaucracy tree, and provides the player with a real-time prison danger report. This reveals a generalized view of your prison threat level and whether a potential riot could occur depending on certain factors. He is able to unlock several security related research which are fundamental for your prison.



  • If events is enabled the Chief may give the player a call regarding a threat to prison security. More about these events can be read here.

Tips and tricks[]

  • To save time during the execution process, place execution chamber near entrance and have your Death Row cells, warden's office and security chief's office nearby.


  • Despite the Chief looking like a guard, and being the head of security - he is not able to perform duties that guards can. He will not be able to subdue prisoners, nor will he open doors for other entities. He will not operate any surveillance equipment or perform prisoner escorts. This is because he isn't a security staff member, but an administrator.
  • The Chief's appearance is very similar to a basic guard, but the white sash across his front as well as the stars showcased on his cap and uniform allow a clear distinction to be made.
  • The Chief is no longer preside over parole hearings with the Warden. It is now the responsibility of externally hired Parole Officers and Parole Lawyers.
  • He will has the same appearance as that of the chief seen in the campaign missions.
  • The Chief is surprisingly tough for an administrator, and what seems to not be a coincidence, has the same health as a guard. The Chief also holds the highest health pool out of all the administrators.