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The Cleaning Cupboard room is used to store bleach, but is effectively only used to assign prisoners to cleaning duty Janitors don't need a Cleaning Cupboard, they will perform cleaning duties anyway.

Cleaning and Prison Labour needs to be researched before it can be built and prisoners assigned to respectively. Prisoners can be assigned to cleaning work in the logistics ->Prison Labour menu. Consider adding Dog Patrol nearby as the Cleaning Cupboard is also a source for contraband.

Locking the rooms to certain security sectors in the deployment screen will only allow prisoner said security level to work in the Cupboard.

Room Size[]

The Cleaning Cupboard offers 1 job place for a working prisoner every 4 squares.

  • Maximum size: 100 job places = 400 squares.

Cleaning Staff Only areas[]

The prisoners assigned to cleaning duty (Prison Labour) aren't able to gain access and clean rooms which are marked as Staff only (which can be done in the 'deployment' tab). These rooms can only be cleaned by janitors.

If not set to staff only, prisoners can clean the areas, however keep in mind that prisoners will steal contraband in rooms such as offices if they get the chance.

Tips & tricks[]