This tool copies all tiles in an area of up to 12x12 that the player selected. It is found in the Menu.

It is now replaced under the menu called "Quick Build", there is 6 options to choose from; Clone, Basic Cell, Solitary, Luxury Cell, and Office as of Update 4.

This tool is used by dragging with the right mouse button to select, then left clicking to place in the desired area. The size of the clone tool selection is limited to 12x12 tiles. It copies walls, floor tiles, rooms, and objects; but not foundation, utilities, or staff.

The clone tool was broken in Alpha 10, but fixed in Alpha 11.

Tips And TricksEdit

  • A good use for this is to clone Cells.
  • As of Alpha 19, If you use the clone tool while paused, you won't be charged for the items placed until you unpause the game. This can be exploited to purchase far more stuff than you can afford... though that's not recommended as your staff will no longer be able to buy food for prisoners. Without food, prisoners get very angry and will form mass-riots in just a couple days.
  • If you're using the Clone tool to clone cells, it's recommended to place all utilities first, as workers will be greatly slowed by trying to maneuver around jail doors and walls to place the utilities afterwards.