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The Common Room is one of the places inmates may go during Free Time (in their regime). It is commonly used to satisfy their recreational, and related, needs.

To maximize efficiency it can be best to put the common room in front of the canteen. Label free time to happen after meals. This way if a prisoner is not finished eating they can complete the meal during free time (more risk of riots if prisoners are well fed); and everyone else can leave directly into the entertainment area (to maximize prisoner needs fulfillment without wasting time walking long distance after the meal)

Reoffend program[]

Alcoholics Group Therapy meetings are held in the common room by a psychiatrist, so adequate seating is required for the course to run effectively. The Psychologist's office should not be placed too far from the common room as walk time will eat into the session time.

The Three Strikes Program is held in the common room by the Chief. The Chief's office should not be placed too far from the common room, and the common room should be near the prison's entrance, as walk time for the Chief and the Delinquents can eat into the session time.


Constructing a common room is required to complete the Visitation Rights Grant.

Room Grading[]

If Cleared for Transfer DLC is enabled, the room will be graded on a scale from 1-10. A rooms grade can be viewed in the menu Logistics -> Room Quality. The rooms grade will increase if the following criteria are met: