Prison Architect Wiki

This prisoner is bored and requires RECREATION.

Complaints are visible statements prisoners will generally make if their needs aren't being satisfied. Complaints that are in-game, come in the form of visible speech bubbles which will appear over a prisoner's head.

Round Speech Bubbles:

  • The complaint/need is not severe.
  • It is unlikely that the prisoner will start trouble over this need.

Jagged Speech Bubbles:

  • The complaint/need is severe.
  • It is highly likely that the prisoner will start trouble over this need.

NOTE: If a considerable number of your prisoners are complaining and needs are not met for a period of time, it is highly likely that your prisoners will begin to riot.

The complaint that appears in the prisoner's speech bubble is the most severe need. For example, the prisoner in the adjacent image is bored and requires recreation. Objects such as TVs, Pool Tables, Arcade Cabinets, etc. will help to satisfy his recreational need.

Complaints are often accompanied with prisoner noise disturbance. The player may hear rattling which bares a likeness to the sound of clashing pots & pans. The player will also hear prisoners shouting and rambling. If the need is severe you will hear a loud "BOOOO!", a “WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON?”, or a simple growl. These are auditory signals for when needs aren't being met.

Players can also hover their mouse over a specific prisoner to see which of their own needs aren't being met, or can use the 'Needs' overlay in reports to see what needs aren't being met prison-wide.

If needs can not be satisfied, it may be viable to put prisoners with serious complaints into solitary to quell them for a short period of time.