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Confidential Informants are prisoners that you have recruited to give you information about illegal activities occurring in your prison. You can only recruit prisoners while they are under duress in solitary. While prisoners are in solitary, Potential Confidential Informants will have a yellow circle around them when you select the Intelligence tab, then the Informants tab. To recruit your Potential Informants, select the prisoner, then select the Experience tab, and finally click on Recruit Informant. The prisoner will be released and will continue their daily regime.

Example of red crosshairs indicating three prisoners in protective custody are assassination targets

Your recruits will cover more of the prison each time they are summoned. They will tell you which prisoners have contraband, where the contraband is hidden, and when prisoners plan to exchange contraband. To get this information from your informants, you have to summon them to your security room. It's also possible they reveal any '????' reputations among the inmates. Possible assassination targets will be displayed with an unmistakable red crosshair around them.


A sample Confidential Informant status screen

When you summon your informants, your other prisoners will become suspicious. If you summon a Confidential Informant too often and if too many searches happen during their visit, then your other prisoners will become suspicious of the informant. Each search you order while an informant is active raises each of their individual suspicion levels. When prisoners' suspicion of an informant reaches a certain level, they will begin attempting to kill your informant. It's a good idea to summon informants during free time and to have multiple informants so you can keep your contraband coverage high without endangering their lives.


  • Prisoner must be in solitary before they are recruited.


A Stoical, also Legendary, Prisoner who's also a CI

Being suppressed was initially a requirement for a prisoner to become a Confidential Informant. Because of this, a prisoner with the Stoical Reputation could not become a confidential informant as they cannot be suppressed. Following the Alpha 34 update, anyone in Solitary can become a Confidential Informant, regardless of their suppression

Prisoners with the "Snitch" reputation will have 0% coverage meaning they can not reveal anything about your prison, making them completely useless.