Prison Architect Wiki

This chapter basically teaches about reform programs and Prison Labour.


  • Handle the new prisoner intake
    • You can see a potential layout for the new cellblock by going into 'Planning' mode from the main toolbar.
    • Provide cells for 40 inmates
    • Provide a shower facility 
    • Provide a yard 
    • Wait for the next intake to arrive 
  • Run a work skills training program
    • Authorise 'Prison Labour' through Bureaucracy 
    • (OPTIONAL) Train 5 inmates in Kitchen Safety and Hygiene
    • Assign inmates to work in the kitchen
    • Build a workshop 
    • (OPTIONAL) Put 10 inmates through a Workshop Safety Induction
    • Assign inmates to work in the workshop 
    • (OPTIONAL) Produce 100 license plates
    • Assign an exports zone near to the road
    • Set Prisoner Intake level to 10
  • Set up a better visitation service 
    • Build a new visitors centre 
    • Facilitate 20 inmate family visits
    • Add telephones to all Yards
    • Build a Mail Room
    • Assign prisoners to work in the mail room
  • Begin educating your prisoners 
    • Authorise 'Education' through Bureaucracy
    • Build a classroom 
    • Run a Foundation Education class 
    • Build a chapel
    • Run a Spiritual Guidance class 
  • (OPTIONAL) Have 5 prisoners pass the Foundation Education class 
  • Build a library [verification needed]
  • Assign prisoners to work in the library 
  • Expand the prison's capacity 
    • Expand to 80 cells capacity
    • (OPTIONAL) Expand to 120 cells capacity