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This chapter teaches about Reform Programs and Prison Labour.


One of our inmates has been put on suicide watch, Henry Morgan, Benedict's partner in crime. Thirteen months into a five year sentence. Help us take care of these men.

The chapter starts with Doctor Walter Hurst visiting the Solitary wing of the new prison. He complains about the inhumane way of how the inmates are treated, but the Chief believes this is what they deserve. They visit the cell of Henry Morgan, who is living in precarious conditions.

Doctor Walter Hurst: "Following the recent tragedy at Alchemico State Prison, we are under immense political scrutiny. Until a permanent replacement is found for the CEO position, I'd like you to take the reins. There have been a spate of suicides at this facility recently, and it's not hard to see why. But we have a more immediate problem. The powers have decided to send us a huge batch of new inmates. The first will be arriving tomorrow, and we don't have anywhere to house them. We need you to build a brand new cell block, with enough space to handle the new intake. I've laid out a potential design for the new cell block here. This should give us enough new cells to handle the intake, and the design includes its own shower facility. But it's up to you if you choose to follow this design or do something totally different. My job is to prioritise the welfare of these men. Get that new cell block built, then we'll talk about how to achieve that."

Todo 0/1
  • Handle the new prisoner intake
    • Provide cells for 40 inmates
    • Provide a shower facility
    • Provide a yard
    • Wait for the next intake to arrive

The chosen plot of land is located on the right side of the road. Unless you want to build something different, open the Planning menu and select 'Build Plans' so that your Workmen will start working on it.

Notice that the bottom right corner of the plan is left unfinished: don't forget to fix it either in the plan or once it has been built.
Walkthrough 024.png

The typology of the doors drawn in the plan do not match the doors you should use (due to a previous update). Replace the purple ones with Jail Doors and the white one with a Large Jail Door before building the plan (they should both be grey).

I also suggest you to disable Auto Lights from the Foundations menu, as it adds way too many Lights; you can add them individually after the building is finished (just a bunch in the corridors is more than enough).

Tips & Tricks
You can prevent the next batch of prisoners to arrive by opening your Reports, selecting the Intake tab and clicking on 'Closed'. This way you'll have more time to build your next wing, and won't get drown in 30 new inmates per day.

Add a Bed and a Toilet in each Cell, then Shower Heads in the Shower (one for each prisoner) and add the Drains at the entrance of the room so that the water won't flow outside. Designate all the Cells and the Shower room through the Rooms menu. Don't forget to extend the cables and pipes to the new facilities.

For the Yard, you can build a fence around the area below this cell block and add some object like Bleachers for Comfort and Dumbbell Racks for Exercise. You can take as an example the Yard on the left side of the map. Assign a Guard to the new cell block and one to the new yard so that they can open the Jail Doors when needed.

Walkthrough 025.png
Tips & Tricks
I suggest you build an Infirmary and hire some Doctors, or you won't be able to treat injured people or overdosed prisoners.

If you haven't closed your Intake, you'll be swarmed by new prisoners before you have the time to complete your new wing. They will end up all crammed up in your holding cell, waiting for the new cells to be ready. If you have closed your Intake, remember to open it back in order to complete the objective. You can even move the sliders so that you only receive Min Sec prisoners, to make the chapter easier to complete.

Once 30 new prisoners have arrived at your prison, you'll see a cutscene of Doctor Walter Hurst in Henry's cell; Henry will tell him about the reason of his imprisonment, how he tried to rob an armored van together with Benedict, but things went wrong when the Police arrived and Benedict shot one of them dead. After Benedict got injured, Henry surrendered and they both got captured. Before leaving, Doctor Walter Hurst says he'll try to let Henry's family come visiting him.

Doctor Walter Hurst: "We've treated these men like dirt for too long. That ends now. The previous CEO was never a big believer in prisoner reform. But the way I see it, we need to provide these men with some sense of hope for the future. We need to give them the skills they need to succeed when they're released - valuable trade skills, a basic education. We should start a work apprenticeship scheme. Train these men with some real world skills, so they at least have a future they can look forward to."

Todo 0/1

The following objective is to run two programs and make your prisoners work in the Kitchen and in a Workshop that you have to build. To do so, you need to research 'Prison Labour' in the Bureaucracy screen.

The 'intake' part of the objective can be left as the last thing to do, for now open the Reports in the Intake tab and set it to 'Fill Capacity', so you won't have overpopulation problems.

Tips & Tricks
If you want your prisoners happy, after researching Prison Labour, build a Laundry and hire some Janitors, so that both needs of Clothing and Environment are satisfied. Add more Benches to the Canteen, as they are not enough for every prisoner. You can also build a Staffroom for your personnel.

Once Prison Labour is unlocked, open the Reports in the Regime tab and set some or all the FreeTime to Work/FreeTime; now open the Programs tab and start the Kitchen Safety and Hygiene program; after that, open the Logistics menu and assign some prisoners to work in the Kitchen (you need to assign at least 3 in order to complete the objective).

It's time to build a Workshop. A good place for it is next to the Canteen. Since you'll have to produce 100 license plates, it's better to make the room big enough to accommodate plenty of workers.

Walkthrough 026.png

Open the Programs tab of your Reports and start the Workshop Safety Induction program. Then open the Logistics menu, select 'Prison Labour' and assign at least 3 prisoners to work in the Workshop.

Tips & Tricks
The process to produce a License Plate is the following:
  • A Workman takes a Sheet Metal stack from the Delivery area or the Storage room and carries it to the Workshop, placing it on a Table. If the Delivery area / Storage room is not a Staff Only area, a prisoner may go grab the Sheet Metal in person;
  • A prisoner working in the Workshop places the stack of Sheet Metal on a free Workshop Saw and operates it to turn every Sheet Metal into two License Plates (Blank);
  • A prisoner then moves the stack of License Plates (Blank) to a Workshop Press and operates it, turning the blank plates into finished License Plates;
  • The stack of License Plates is moved on a Table and then brought in an Export area where it is loaded on a truck and sold.

Last thing to do is to designate an Exports zone near the road. You can place it next to the Garbage zone. You can find the Exports zone in the Rooms menu.

Now you can open the Intake to 10 prisoners per day from the Intake tab of your Reports to complete the last quest, and I suggest you to turn it off soon after. Once you're done, a cutscene will show Kerry Morgan trying to meet her husband, but he unfortunately has lost his visitation privileges due to some alcohol found in his cell.

Tips & Tricks
Don't worry about the optional missions for now, they require time, and since your prisoners are unhappy at the moment they are likely to fail the programs and delay the quests even further.

Doctor Walter Hurst: "That is very disappointing. It is so difficult to find ways to genuinely help these men. They really need to be taught to help themselves. I think it's clear we need to tackle the visitation facility. Families are queuing out the door, and we clearly can't handle the volume of visitors we are now seeing. Build a brand new visitation facility. Despite what happened to Morgan, I think we'll see a positive benefit. And he isn't the only inmate here with family."

Doctor Walter Hurst: "I've been doing some research and I'm astonished to find that many of these inmates have only the most basic maths and reading skills. We need to start to remedy this. Open up a new classroom facility, and let's start bringing in external teachers to teach the basics. Without education, these inmates have no hope of anything other than a life of crime. And we need to keep on top of the influx of prisoners. Keep expanding our capacity so that every inmate gets a decent quality cell."

Todo 0/3
  • Set up a better visitation service
    • Build a new visitors centre (Visitation Room)
    • Facilitate 20 inmate family visits
    • Add telephones to all Yards
    • Build a Mail Room
    • Assign prisoners to work in the Mail Room
  • Begin educating your prisoners
  • Expand the prison's capacity
    • Expand to 80 cells capacity

The Family need is the most urgent to satisfy, so let's take care of that one first. Add some Phone Booths so that your prisoners can call their family before having to wait for the Visitation room to be finished. To complete the quest you need to add 5 Phone Booths to the main Yard, but I suggest you to add plenty all around the prison, especially in the Canteen.

The pre-existing Visitor room is a prop, as it is not even designated as such, and the Visitor Booths are fake; extend its foundation and add more Visitor Booths (you cannot remove the old ones, but you can build new ones on top of them). You can also replace the doors in order for prisoners and visitors to open them freely.

Walkthrough 027.png

Visitors can arrive from 8 am to 8 pm every day. To complete the objective you have to wait for 20 prisoners to attend a visitation.

The pre-existing Visitor Booths are fake, meaning they do not work. Add more or replace them (by building a real one on top of them) to complete the objective 'facilitate 20 inmate family visits'.
Tips & Tricks
If you build the Visitor Booths forming a line with no gaps, you can designate the visitors' side of the room to be Staff Only, and the prisoners' side to be Shared from the Logistics menu.

You can build the Mail Room next to the Visitation Room. The objects required are:

  • Sorting Desk (one for each worker)
  • Table (for the Mail Satchels)

Once you're done, assign at least 3 prisoners to work there through the Logistics menu.

Walkthrough 028.png

A sack with Unsorted Mail will be delivered daily to your prison and carried by a Guard into the Mail Room. A prisoner working there will turn the Unsorted Mail into Sorted Mail which is then places into the Mail Satchel. A Guard will take the Mail Satchel and distribute the mail to the various cells. Mail satisfies a bit of Family need when read, then it disappears. If the Mail Room has no prisoners assigned to work there, a Guard will sort the mail instead of prisoners.

The number of prisoners that can work in a room also depends on the size of it. For example, in the Mail Room each worker needs 12 tiles (they can be occupied by objects but not by walls). So in order to accommodate 3 workers you need a Mail Room of at least 36 tiles (e.g. 6 x 6).

Next in line is the Classroom. First open the Bureaucracy screen (top left corner of the screen, next to the Todo list) and click on 'Education'. It costs $2,000 and will be researched in 2 hours.

Build a Classroom (you can try to squeeze both the Classroom and the Chapel on the left of the Canteen). The required objects are:

  • School Desk (one per prisoner)
  • Office Desk (for the teacher)
Walkthrough 029.png

Once the Classroom is built and 'Education' has been researched, open the Programs tab in the Reports and start a Foundation Education Program.

For the Chapel you will need:

  • Altar
  • Pews (accommodates 4 prisoners)
  • Prayer Mat (accommodates 1 prisoner)
Walkthrough 030.png

Run the Spiritual Guidance program as well. Prisoners will either sit on Pews or on a Prayer Mat; they can also sit there in the Chapel as well as in any other room with them (e.g. if you place them in the Canteen) to slowly lower their Spirituality need even without attending the program.

To expand the capacity of your prison you need to add more cells. A future optional mission will ask you to reach the capacity of 120 cells, so you might already aim at that number if you want. I suggest you to just build crude cells with no cables and pipes, since the missions are about building them, not filling them with prisoners; after all, this map is not suited to accommodate so many inmates. You can use this blueprint as a guide:

Walkthrough 031.png

Doctor Walter Hurst: "I think we've made a big difference here. We've given these inmates something to work towards, and a reason to keep going. You can stay and help us see the first batch of inmates through the education and work programs we've set up, if you want. But I think we can handle it from here. When you are ready to leave, click on the polaroid in Morgan's cell."

If your prisoners keep failing the Kitchen Safety and Hygiene program and the Workshop Safety Induction program, try to understand what the problem is. Check what needs your prisoners have while they're attending the course and try to satisfy them.

  • If they have high Bladder and Bowels need, try to add an hour Lockup regime before work times, so that they can use the toilets in their cells;
  • If they have high Comfort, Recreation or Spirituality needs, add more FreeTime hours so that they can take care of them; add more TVs or Pool Tables, Benches and Prayer Mats to areas easy to reach so that they can satisfy those needs more quickly;
  • If they have high Literature need, add Bookshelves;
  • If they have high Alcohol and Drugs needs, you can run the relative programs to ease those needs (Alcoholics Group Therapy and Pharmacological Treatment of Drug Addictions), but remember you require a Common Room and an Infirmary to do so.

You can add all the aforementioned objects to the Canteen, so that prisoners that have finished eating earlier can use the extra Eat time to satisfy some of their needs.

Tips & Tricks
Prisoners don't need to sleep more than 5 hours, so be sure you use all the remaining hours of the Regime to deal with your prisoners' needs.

When you're done, click on the polaroid in Henry's cell to proceed to the next chapter of the campaign.

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