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Cookers are forms of kitchen equipment used solely for the preparation, or cooking, of ingredients. Without a cooker, a cook cannot prepare prison meals.

Cookers require a direct electrical connection.

Use & Efficiency[]

Cookers can prepare a maximum of two large quantities of food at a time, with a maximum of 10 portions of food. For maximum efficiency, there should be a cook for every cooker.

A serving table can, although not visible, hold a maximum of 8 pots and pans. Depending on the size of your kitchen and number of prisoners, you should install four cookers for every serving table if you wish for food to be provided at maximum capacity. This, however, is not a requirement.

Heat & Danger[]

Cookers evidently produce a lot of heat. This will ultimately raise the temperature of a kitchen and any neighbouring rooms. Prisoners in close proximity to a cooker will likely overheat. This will have an impact on their movement speed and other variables.

Furthermore, there is a chance (as part of a random event) that a cooker will malfunction and set fire to your kitchen. It is therefore recommended to install sprinklers in and around your kitchen areas.


  • Prisoners who have passed the Kitchen Safety & Hygiene Program will use cookers in an identical fashion to how cooks use them. They will only do this in work hours.
  • In order to counteract the inevitable overheating status effect, consider installing windows in your kitchens and your canteens.