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Death Row prisoner.

Death Row prisoners are a type of prisoner that wears black. These prisoners have committed serious crimes, such as murder, bodily harm and torture. Their sentence is infinite and they are sent to your prison to be executed by the Electric Chair. Death Row prisoners cannot be assigned to any other category, but they can be changed if they appeal successfully and get downgraded to Maximum Security.

The intake pool for Death Row is much smaller than other prisoners. They will be unavailable most of the time, and just one Death Row prisoner will appear on the pool occasionally. Death Row will only be available if you have researched Death Row in Bureaucracy, you have a working Execution room, and you have specially designated Death Row cells in Deployment.

Death Row prisoners don't follow any Regime, and will stay in their cells 24/7 except for Death Row Appeals and execution. This means they will not participate in work or programs (except for Death Row Appeal) and will not go to the yard or canteen, instead being brought food by the Guards. Their needs will go up, but they will usually not cause any problems other than the occasional destruction.

Each Death Row prisoner has a Chance of Clemency which is the chance to get pardoned or downgraded by the appeal. This chance is halved when they fail, and doubled when they pass. If an executed Death Row prisoner is found innocent after execution and the Chance of Clemency was above the State Approved Conviction Strength (5%, 10% with Execution Liability), the player will be fined $50,000 and all other Death Row prisoners transported out of the prison. If this happens a second time, the player will get a call from The CEO warning him/her about the Failure Condition of Wrongful Executions. If the player executes an innocent prisoner a third time, the player will be fired.

After an execution, if the Chance of Clemency was under the State Approved Conviction Strength or the prisoner really was guilty, the player will be awarded $10,000 in Execution Compensation.

It's a good idea to give Death Row prisoners as many appeals as possible, to possibly save their lives.