Doctors are medical professionals responsible for the treatment of the sick and injured. The Warden is the administrator responsible for researching and unlocking the doctors. This is done by researching health.

Infirmaries Edit

Doctors need an infirmary in which they will reside. All doctors, after being hired, will travel and stay in the nearest one to them.

Injured guards or prisoners will automatically travel to a nearby infirmary from where they will be treated by a doctor.

  • It is wise to station a guard in these areas. Disgruntled prisoners, after being revived, may resume their violent behaviour and attack your doctors. They may also steal a pair of scissors to aid their assault.

Healing Edit

If an entity is injured, i.e. has lost toughness points, a nearby doctor will attempt to heal them. This animation can be seen when a doctor pulls out a syringe. The doctor will then gradually restore toughness points to the injured entity until they are fully recovered.

For entities injured to the point that they fall unconscious, doctors may escort the unconscious body to a medical bed inside an infirmary where they will treat them.


Doctors can also heal prisoners who may have overdosed on drugs/narcotics, heal sick prisoners infected with a virus and provide treatment for starved prisoners.

NOTE: Doctors cannot heal injured Guard Dogs. The dogs must recover by sleeping in a dog crate in their kennel.

Reform Programs Edit

A single doctor in an infirmary will lead and teach the Pharmacological Therapy for Drug Addictions which, as the name suggests, helps to satiate an addicted prisoner's need for drug use.

Tips, Tricks & Trivia Edit

  • Doctors can be manually sent to an area where there may be an injured entity, similar to how guards can be moved around manually.
  • Doctors cannot enter riot situations, and will most likely flee from danger. It is better to call in paramedics who are slightly more efficient at their job than doctors are.
  • A doctor will call you, as the player, if a virus broken out in your prison.
  • A doctor will call you if a prisoner has been seriously injured in the workshop and is bleeding.