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Doctors are medical professionals who are responsible for the treatment of the sick and injured. Unlocked by researching Health through Bureaucracy by a Warden.


All doctors operate out of an infirmary. If an entity becomes injured, supposing they're still conscious, they will automatically travel to a nearby infirmary where a doctor will tend to them.

Infirmaries often deal with a lot of "traffic" as they see many an injured prisoner - especially after outbreaks of violence. Doctors, like any other entity, are susceptible to injury. It is for this reason that it is wise to station a guard in an infirmary.


If an entity is injured, i.e. has lost toughness points (HP), a nearby doctor will attempt to heal them. This is animated by the doctor holding a syringe. The doctor will then gradually restore toughness points to the injured entity until they are fully recovered.

Entities who are knocked unconscious, and thus cannot physically escort themselves to an infirmary, may be escorted by doctors. Said doctors will place the unconscious body on a medical bed where they will then proceed to treat them. If escorted into infirmary by a guard, the guard and will wait there until they are treated.

Handcuffed prisoners must be escorted back to their Cell after treatment, if not cuffed, they will leave by themselves after treatment if a path is available.

Doctors can also heal prisoners who may have overdosed on drugs/narcotics, heal sick prisoners infected with a virus and provide treatment for starving or bleeding prisoners.

Note that doctors cannot heal injured Guard Dogs. Guard Dogs must recover by sleeping in a dog crate in a kennel.

Reform Programs[]

Tips, Tricks & Trivia[]

  • Doctors can be manually sent to an area where there may be an injured entity, similar to how guards can be moved around manually.
  • Doctors cannot enter areas taken by prisoners in a riot, and will most likely flee from danger. In cases such as this, it is wiser to call in paramedics instead.
  • A Doctor will alert you if a prisoner has been seriously injured in the workshop and is bleeding.
  • Place multiple, small infirmaries around your prison rather than 1 large one so your doctors can respond fast when needed.
  • If you have a morgue it is wise to put it next to the infirmary so if someone is killed your doctors will be able to take them to the morgue quicker.