Dog Handlers are an advanced staff member researched through Bureaucracy.

Dogs will automatically sniff any prisoner or staff member carrying something that walks within range (generally within one body length) in an attempt to find contraband labelled as "smelly". If found, the dog and handler will search the suspect. If an object being carried by a staff member returns a positive, a guard will come along to search it.

They will also dig in the ground and make a scratching noise if positioned above a prisoner tunnel, leaving a yellow flag for a little while, and generating an alert with an image of the same. On a rare occasion if a dog detects a prisoner digging directly underneath them, the dog will dig them up and reveal the tunnel. Dogs can only find tunnels on outdoor ground: they won't find tunnels inside buildings.

Both of these searches more often than not result in false positives. Essentially, only if a dog returns a positive in the same place multiple times in a short period of time it is really worth checking out.

Handlers will not participate in regular searches or prisoner escorts and will not open doors for workers or prisoners like normal guards do. They also can not be used for monitoring cameras or door controls in security. They will participate in stopping riots and capturing escapees.

Dogs need regular rest in Kennels to regain energy (and health). In general, two dogs can cover one patrol by alternating.

If a handler's dog dies they will, once it is safe to do so, walk out the prison gates and leave, though you can still fire them for the same effect.

If a dog's handler dies he/she will drop a dog collar which can be used to strangle other prisoners and the dog will wander the prison and randomly attack prisoners, and will sometimes seek out the prisoner who killed their handler (wounding and sometimes killing them) until (the dog) is fired.

Escape Tunnels Edit

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Dogs are pivotal in the detection of Escape Tunnels. When a patrolling dog walks over one, the dog will scratch at the dirt and a yellow flag will be placed in the dirt. Without K9 support, you are forced to manually search, or, to be absolutely sure, dismantle and replace the toilets, an often incredibly time-wasting exercise.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Dogs move faster than prisoners, and can be useful in running down attempted escapees.
  • Dogs can be positioned at choke points to help catch contraband that Metal Detectors cannot, though it is generally good practice to use both, to limit the amount of contraband that can get into your prison as much as possible.
  • They can also patrol around the prison, clearing the fog of war.
  • Dog handlers can not equip tazers or batons, but can equip body armor if it's unlocked.