Prison Architect Wiki

In order for the Door Servos to work, a functioning Door Control System must be present in the prison. Door Controls must be constantly monitored by a guard. Guards will position themselves at a free Door Control System by themselves.

There is no current known limit to the amount of Door Servos that can be linked to a Door Control. However one Door Control can open a maximum of 2 doors per second. If more than 2 per second is requested, the excess will be queued until the Door Control is free. Hire enough guards to avoid bottlenecks.

The Door Control has a light on the top that displays three colours; Red, Green, and Amber. If there is no Guard present, the light is Red. If the Door Control has a Guard and no doors are open, it will be Green. If the Door Control is opening a door, it will be Amber.

If the Door Control is broken in a riot, any attached Door Servos will automatically open until it is repaired. This makes Door Controls a high priority for rioting prisoners.


  • High Power Connection (Directly wired to the electric in the utility menu)
  • The Door Control must be connected to the Door Servos (in the Utilities menu) in the correct direction (signals flowing to the servos).
  • Door Control must be placed in a security room to work properly.
  • A guard to operate the Door Control System.


  • As of Alpha 23, guards will position themselves at a free Door Control System by themselves.