Prison Architect Wiki

Door Servos are utilities that enable the automated opening and closing of all doors (excluding a standard yellow door).

The door servos are unlocked in the Bureaucracy tab, under Remote Access. They also require an electrical connection which can be provided by being in close proximity to an electric cable. The servo will however need a direct electrical cable connection if it is outdoors. The servo will display a flashing yellow lightning bolt if it is not being provided with an electrical connection

Door servos will only work if, like in the adjacent image, the grey cog is placed directly on top of the chosen door. If the door is placed horizontally, then the servo must be rotated respectively to match.

The door servo further requires a connection to a Door Control System manually operated by a guard, although a Door Timer or other customized circuit can also operate the servo.

The servo can be connected to all types of door which include road gates, but exclude normal doors. The red light will shine green when it is activated. A servo will usually open a door when an entity is in front of it.

Chaining multiple servos together will cause them to all open simultaneously whenever a signal to open any one of them is received.

The servo also has two options. It can either open a door or close a door depending on the option selected in its menu.

Players can experiment with servos in a number of ways. Some may incorporate the use of pressure pads or other utility technology.