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Douglas Benedict is a deceased, ruthless and brutal ex-convict who instigated and led a large-scale riot during his stay at Alchemico State Prison as shown in the third chapter of the prison storyline: G.A.B.O.S.

Benedict was initially imprisoned for first-degree murder of a police officer and also armed robbery. During a shootout with police officers, Benedict was shot in his left shoulder and later, along with Henry Morgan, was subdued and arrested.

Benedict inspired a large-scale riot in Alchemico State Prison of which he personally was the ringleader of. He, along with other inmates brutalised, kidnapped and held hostage several of the prison's staff members including Charles Wallace - also known as 'The CEO'.

Benedict was later shot dead by Armed Police who managed to breach the premises, but not before Benedict was able to shoot and kill one of his hostages.



  • Henry Morgan was very much within the thralls of Benedict who most likely coerced Morgan into assisting the armed robbery.
  • Benedict displayed evident psychopathic symptoms during the holdout against security forces. He can be seen playing games with the lives of his hostages.
  • Upon killing a guard during the hostage situation, it should be obvious that the next two chambers were empty, yet he pulls the trigger at a janitor and himself, suggesting he was intimidating them without actually shooting them or is incredibly stupid.