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Edward Romsey is a deceased ex-convict, previously serving time in Death Row as shown in the first chapter of the prison stories.

Edward was imprisoned for a pre-meditated double homicide, after discovering and killing his adulterous wife (Susan) who was in bed with another man, who he also killed. He immediately regretted this and visited a church asking for forgiveness. The Priest at said church forgave him for his crimes and asked that he turn himself in, which it is implied that he did. That priest accompanied him during his execution, stating that "You will be with God soon, and he will have the final judgement". It is later revealed that the man Susan was in bed with was actually Anthony Palermo, leading to the arrest of almost every member of the Palermo Crime Family in the Palermo storyline.

Edward Romsey was later executed for his crimes.



  • Edward was previously a teacher.
  • Edward's last words before being executed were "Susan... I'm sorry."
  • Edward assumed to be a Roman Catholic Christian because after he committed his crimes, he visits the priest's church and prays with a Roman Catholic rosary.
  • Edward's character design was very much influenced by pre-Heisenberg Walter White of TV series Breaking Bad.
  • The murder weapon used in the double homicide was a revolver.
  • In the end credits, one can see a woman bringing a flower to his grave.