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Elite Operatives are highly trained, effective and deadly military personnel who, when summoned, arrive at an island prison via a military helicopter.

They are the toughest entities in the game, surpassing the prowess of even the national guard.


Elite Ops Helicopter.png

Differing from their national guard counterparts, elite operatives are summonable via the emergencies tab and are not exclusively for the purposes of reclaiming a riot deemed uncontrollable.

These elite soldiers deploy from a military helicopter in squads of:

  • 6 soldiers if playing on console.
  • 4 soldiers if playing on PC.

Operatives can deploy:

  • On-foot after their helicopter lands on a helipad.
  • Via fast-roping down from an airborne helicopter.

The player has full control over the military helicopter which can be clicked on and sent to hover over a desired area. Once an area is chosen, the player may select "deploy squad" which will trigger the operatives to fast-rope from the helicopter.

Up to 3 squads can be called assuming that each helicopter has a free helipad to land on.


PA Assault Rifle.png

Operatives, like national guard soldiers, are equipped with military-grade assault rifles. In contrast to a standard shotgun used by the like of Armed Guards, the assault rifle is fired in short bursts of automated gunfire which sling bullets at prisoners with deadly effect.

  • The assault rifle has an attack power of 4.0HP per shot.
  • The recharge time is 0.1 mins.
  • The range of an assault rifle is 20.0 squares.
  • In the hands of player, the assault rifle's ammunition capacity is 30.0.
  • The assault rifle is a two-handed weapon.

Skills & Abilities[]

Elite operatives are extremely devastating and efficient, surpassing the effectiveness of even national guard soldiers. Much like them, these personnel utilise unprecedented, lethal force in order to stop acts of misconduct, riots and fights. As aforementioned, elite operatives possess the ability to fast-rope down from an airborne helicopter straight into a prison facility. Like national guard soldiers, when confronted with a threat, they do not shout warnings nor provide much time for surrender before discharging their weapon.

However, unlike national guard soldiers, elite operatives are controllable by the player. They may be called-in for other purposes such as being hired as part of the Warden Protection unit (available in escape mode).

The reputation of the elite ops presides them - misbehaving prisoners are much more likely to surrender when confronted by this unit.


  • Elite operatives, as well as national guard soldiers, can be hired for warden protection for free.
  • Elite operatives were included as part of the Island Bound DLC.