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The Emergencies menu provides the player with access to an emergency call-out sub-menu system where external staff members can be instantly summoned in emergency situations. These can include:

Emergency Staff[]

There are currently three forms of emergency staff.

  • Firemen - personnel trained to handle the extinguishing of flames. They will arrive at your prison in a red fire truck and are equipped with portable water hoses which they will use to extinguish nearby fires. This is an automatic process, but the player can manually take control of the firemen and their hoses by using the 'H' key.
  • Riot Guards - heavily armoured, tough personnel responsible for the quelling of violent outbreaks and riots in your prison. They are equipped with batons and will automatically subdue any prisoners misbehaving nearby.
  • Paramedics - medical professionals that heal just like a doctor - but the similarities end there. Paramedics can enter dangerous zones to support riot control, and will heal any injured in sight, with the exception of violent prisoners as they will attack the paramedics.

Deployment & Dismissal[]

Emergency Services.png
Moddern CallOut.png

The sub-menu that pops up after selecting emergencies will display the three options of emergency staff as detailed above. You can call all three simultaneously if required. Each emergency staff type is deployed in a specific squad or unit number. Furthermore each emergency unit costs a certain fee:

Firemen 4 2 $100
Riot Guards 6 3 $100
Paramedics 4 2 $100
National Guard 6 6 $100
Elite Ops 4 3 $3000
Air Paramedics 4 3 $1000
Air Firefighter 4 3 $2000

Each squad will be visible in a small sub menu on the right-hand side of your screen. From here, a red X will be visible. Clicking this X allows you to dismiss each squad individually. Clicking on all of them will dismiss all emergency staff members from your site.


  • Firemen, if knocked unconscious or killed, will drop their hoses which can be used as melee weapons by prisoners if they choose to pick them up.
  • All the emergency vehicles emit a distinctive siren sound.
  • All emergency staff can be manually positioned by the player in an identical fashion to the manual positioning of guards.
  • It is only the Fire Truck that will not leave your prison site until the firemen return to it and drive it home. All other emergency vehicles will leave as soon as its users have disembarked.
  • Guard Response deploys 2 guards per click, so if you need a lot of guards, spam click. Just be aware of the risks by dismissing certain guards from their posts/patrols to respond to the disturbance.