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The Execution room is the final location where a prisoner on Death Row will be executed in accordance with their sentence. Executions have to be unlocked by Death Row research of the Lawyer. The method of execution utilized in Prison Architect is the Electric Chair.

The Execution chamber is not visible at all in the Rooms menu before unlocked, and Death row inmates will not appear in your intake log if they have no death row cells to live in.

Death Row[]

Prisoners who are issued with death sentences are segregated in a unique prison population colloquially referred to as death row. Prisoners on death row are given black prisoner uniforms.

Death row inmates lead very different prison lives compared to other types of prisoner. For instance, death row inmates live out their sentences in the confines of their cell. They do not respond to your regime. The execution chamber is exclusive to death row inmates and cannot be used for any other prisoner category or entity.


An execution for an individual death row inmate can only be scheduled if all the pre-requisites are made first. Said pre-requisites are listed below.

  1. Lawyer research death row.
  2. Cell block exclusively for death row inmates must be built.
  3. Construction of a Execution room with an electric chair.
  4. Intake Death row prisoners via prison reports

Execution Schedule[]


After scheduling a prisoner's execution, the legal process will begin and the game will alert you with the text "EXECUTION UNDERWAY", including a tab displaying the next steps of the death protocol. These final steps are outlined below.

  1. Lockdown - Full lockdown must be initiated to ensure the security of the execution. It also allows the player to focus solely on the execution.
  2. Testing the facility
    • The electric chair is tested to see if its corresponding power station has enough power capacity to facilitate the chair.
    • Secondly, the route from the cell of the inmate to the electric chair is mapped out. If there is any obstacle which blocks the route, the player will be notified.
  3. Witnesses arrive and are led to the execution room. Witnesses usually consist of family members of the prisoner and family members of the prisoner's victim.
  4. The Warden, Chief, and Spiritual Leader proceed to the inmate's cell.
  5. The prisoner is escorted to the execution room. They are then placed in the electric chair.
  6. The prisoner is executed.
  7. Staff and witnesses leave.
  8. A final report is created.


After a prisoner is executed, a guard escorts their body to a hearse and are then taken away.

If prisoner is found innocent after the execution, the player will be fined $50,000. This will also cause all other Death Row prisoners to be transferred to another prison by transport, and intake queue is reset for Death Row prisoners. If this happens two times, the Failure Condition of Wrongful Executions will be activated immediately.

If the prisoner is found guilty, the player will be awarded $10,000.

The Clemency chance, found in the prisoner's grading or in the Todo list, dictates how likely a Death Row inmate will turn out to be innocent.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Researching Reduce Execution Liability increases the Clemency threshold from 5% to 10%.
  • Putting chairs in your execution room gives witnesses a place to sit.
  • Death Row inmates are rare; you may not find many in your intake pool.
  • The death row category cannot be assigned to inmates without mods.
  • The only reform programs a death row inmates will take part in are death row appeals.
  • An incredible rarity is finding a death row inmate who is also the leader of a gang. Their execution will still lead their gang to anarchy, despite the killing being legal.
    • In the event that this happens, it is recommended to not execute the leader and continue doing Death Row Appeals, even if the chance of clemency is below 10%, as there is virtually no consequence for not executing a Death Row inmate.
    • Additionally, as you can control when death row prisoners die, you can prepare for this by calling in Riot Guards and Elite Ops and stationing them around your prison to quell the riot as soon as possible. You can also hire extra Armed Guards just for this.
  • The execution in the first chapter of the prison campaign is simplified.