Prison Architect Wiki

The Exports room is a zone from which goods crafted in Prison Labour (e.g. License Plates and Superior Beds) being sold are taken to before being loaded onto Supply Trucks.

Once enough license plates or superior beds are produced, they will be moved by workmen (and prisoners, if the zone is prisoner-accessible) to the exports room. The objects will stay there until a delivery truck arrives, at which point the workmen and the Truck Driver will load the goods onto the truck. The goods will be sold as soon as the truck leaves the map.

The Exports room needs to be placed near the road - Export rooms within your main prison building will not export goods. When placed near the road your workmen will transport exportable goods on a truck. If the Delivery zone is on the same level (horizontally), this may be done while the same truck is unloaded.

Even though the initial delivery and garbage zones are outdoors, there's no need for them or this room to be there explicitly, you may put them inside a building as well.


  • If you do not have a workshop, all wood obtained from chopping down trees will be sold here.
  • If you place your Exports zone under the Deliveries zone, the delivering truck can be re-loaded with your exports much faster while also allowing another truck to be unloaded behind it.
  • Create an 'Exports Zone' as soon as possible. This means that if any trees are in the way of construction, they can be dismantled and exported for money. Or save them so more money can be made in the workshop.