Prison Architect Wiki

The Failure Conditions are conditions which determine when you lose the game, and the game is over.

To make it clear that you are approaching the point of failure, you will receive a message from the CEO that will warn you about the impending condition. If you still fail to fix the situation at hand, you will not be able to control your prison anymore. You can, however, still control the game speed and move around. Depending on the failure you will enter into Escape Mode. All of these can be bailed out once per game via the Legal Defense in Bureaucracy at a moderate cost.

Failure conditions were added in Alpha 20.


There are 8 failure conditions so far:

  • Criminal negligence: If too many prisoners or staff die you will lose the control of your prison and you will be sent to your own prison, however you will be treated just like any other inmate. You can roam around the prison, as long as you respect the regime, but the guards will react if you try to escape or enter a Staff Only area.
  • Security Disaster: If you let too many prisoners escape you will be sacked.
  • Unjust Executions: If too many death row inmates that don't meet the minimum clemency requirement are executed, and later are found to have evidence that exonerates them, you will be sacked. Executing an innocent prisoner without meeting clemency requirement ends the game immediately. You must execute two innocent prisoners before this condition kicks in.
  • Uncontrolled Riot: If you let a riot run for too long without intervention you will be sacked and the army will be sent to regain control of the prison. The soldiers will act like Armed Guards on Freefire, attacking and killing every prisoner that will not surrender. The soldiers have a much lower tolerance for noncompliance than your Armed Guards.
  • Staff Strike: When staff have been on a strike for too long, you will be sacked.
  • Bankruptcy: If you run out of funds you will receive a warning about your cash flow. If the debt continues to grow or is not reduced within a certain timeframe, which is stated in the warning message, you will be sacked. This can be avoided once per game with the Government Bailout hidden grant.
  • Wardens Killed: If too many Wardens are killed you will be sacked.
  • Reoffended Prisoners: If too many prisoners sent on parole reoffend you will be sacked.