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Farmers is a staff member that were added as part of the Going Green DLC.Their primary task is to operate the prison's orchards, fields and allotments. They also teach Farm Work Safety.


During the planting stage, farmers will plant any selected crops, cereals and tree saplings in the respecitive areas.

During growth phase, farmers will water the plants/trees unless crop sprinklers or drip pipes are handling the watering automatically. Watering is very labour-intensive, therefor consider automation or prison labour. Same goes for harvesting and packing phase.


The Basic farming and Self-Sustaining grants requires you to hire 1 and 5 farmers respectively.

Prison Labour[]

Farmer is responsible for teaching the Farm Work Safety program, which is required in order for prisoners to start working in farming fields, vegetable allotments or fruit orchards (Prison labour), unless they have Green Thumbs reputation. The farmer will teach this program in a classroom, has capacity of 20 inmate per session and lasts 2 daily sessions x 2 hours each


  • The farmer is wearing checked shirts, dungarees and baseball caps. A classic farmer look.