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The Farming Field is a room added in the Going Green DLC, to grow cereals and grains. These crops can be sold at export for profit. They cannot be used to cook food in the kitchen. The logistics menu's crop distribution option allows you to set up your preffered crop allocation. Unlike the Fruit Orchard, cereals and grains must be replanted in the farming field.

Farming Field are tended to by farmers, or prisoners that have passed the Farm Work Safety program or have the Green Thumb reputation. Barley and wheat seeds are bought in packs of 20, while corn is bought in packs of 10.

Improving Growth and Automation[]

Items and machines can help improve several parts such as growth and automating the harvesting process. Hiring 'The Botanist' as the prison warden will double export price for each crop, increase drop chance for seeds, and extend wilting and spoiling time for growing crops and harvested ingredients.


Policy Tab[]

Various automation options can be enabled in the report->policy tab

  • Continuous Planting - On / Off
    • Automatically replants your vegetables and crops.
  • Automatic Fertilizer - None / Compost Fertilizer / High-Quality Fertilizer
    • Automatically buy more fertilizer when you run out.
  • Crop Type - Natural Crops / GM Crops (genetically modified)
    • GM crops takes half the time to grow, however they sell for half price of natural crops and don't gives bonuses to satisfying prisoner needs when used in prison kitchens.
  • Ratio - This sets the proportion of kitchen ingredients taken from farming.

Cereals and Grains[]

Barley is unlocked by default, but corn and wheat requires farming researched. The plants require also the correct terrain to grow(dirt, grass, grass corner and flowery field.)

Type: Seedling time to harvest: Yield per harvest: Price per Cereals and Grains:
Barley Plant 32 Hours 2 $ 3
Wheat Plant 72 Hours 4 $ 6
Corn Plants 48Hours 5 $ 5


A Shed placed in a Farming Field, contains several contraband that can be used as weapons. For that reason, security measures should be put in place to avoid dangerous contraband from being moved out of the Farming Field. Farming field can also be taken over by gangs.

Be careful because crops growing within can be tampered with by prisoners to grow Drugs. They count as smelly so they can be discovered by dog patrols patrolling the area. Inmates can grow drugs even if they haven't completed Farm Work Safety program.


Farming areas are not included in shakedown searches, (except for seeds, fertilizer and boxes). However reports->policy tab allows you to set scheduled search Frequency for farming areas. (Never / Daily / Every 3 days / Every 5 days / Weekly), and what should be searched (Crops Only / Inmate Labourers / Everything).

Note: Guards searching crops and vegetables have a chance of destroying the plant. Any destroyed plant will be moved to compost bin as organic waste. If there is no compost bin, it will be trashed in black bags as everything else.