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A Fence is a type of wall. As with other Walls, it blocks movement unless a Door or some other gap is provided. It is one of the cheapest available wall.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • A fence around the perimeter of the map can provide a cheap final measure to keep escaped prisoners in.
  • A fence is not as stable as a wall, which means more warmth will be let out by a fence which cools down your prison.
  • When a prison is created, it is advisable to place fences as soon as possible. They're cheap, and act as a wall for outside rooms (e.g. yard). However, the player should replace them with a proper wall. or add more layers of them later in the game when they can afford it.
    • Alternatively, the player can start a prison with up to $500,000. They can increase this even more by selling a pre-existing prison (this does not delete the save file(s) of said prison). By doing this, the player can skip the fence phase and go straight to building better walls.


  • The Fence was formerly a type of border element.
  • It was free to place until Alpha 23, where it was changed to $3 a square.
  • Because the Fence is a material, it is impossible to change dirt texture under the fence.
  • As of Alpha 34, fences no longer slow down prisoners digging an escape tunnel.
  • As of Alpha 36, if events are enabled, a section of walls may suddenly be destroyed do to a "subsidence". This includes fences.
  • Just like with walls, contraband can still be thrown over it, with a range of 10 tiles.