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The Finance tab can be found under Reports. You to hire an Accountant to access this tab. Finance gives an overview of your Income, Expenses, and your total net profit. Various elements such as staff wages, food expenses and taxes are all taken into account and calculated to produce a daily cash flow amount.



  • Federal Grant - Your first source of income, this generously supplied by the government and remains at a constant $2,000 throughout the game.
  • Prisoner Grant - Income generated by having prisoners within your walls, you will receive $150 per day for each prisoner under your care regardless of their security risk
  • Days without incident - The government will fund you money for keeping your prisoners well behaved, the amount you get is $5 per prisoner per day and will increase exponentially for each day your prison remains without incident.
  • Exports - The money you earn from exporting goods to outside services, this amount isn't constant and will vary depending on how many licence plates, superior beds, wood or logs are available for export.
  • Shop Revenue - Revenue from prisoners buying goods in the Shop.


  • Workmen Wages - How much you spend to keep your workers employed and carry out the construction of your prison, which is $100 per worker, per day.
  • Guard Wages - How much you spend on the guards that keep your prisoners in line, the cost varies between each type of guard, one regular guard costs $100 per day meanwhile a dog handler costs $150 per day, however armed guards and snipers cost significantly more with wages of $350 and $500 respectively per day.
  • Administrator Wages - The cost of the brains behind the prison, this includes the warden, chief, foreman, accountant as-well as your lawyer and your psychologists, with each administrator costing $200 per day to employ.
  • Staff Wages - The cost of your general staff, with janitors and gardeners costing $50 per day as-well as your doctors and cooks with wages of $100 per day.
  • Food - Keeping your prisoners well fed comes with a price, the exact cost varies depending on your policy settings, which can range from $1 up to $30 per prisoner.
  • Reform Programs - This is the amount you spend on various reform programs, each program costs a certain amount to run, and can be very expensive if you run multiple sessions of the same program.
  • Prisoner Wages - Prisoners have rights too! This is what you spend to employ your prisoners, prisoners are very cheap to set to work, with them only being paid $1-$2 per day.
  • Corporation Taxes - How much of your profit gets paid as 'Tax', this can either be 30%, 15% or 1% depending on your research in bureaucracy

Your income will produce a positive black number and your expenses will produce a negative red number. Your income is added to your expenses to produce a final number which will form your daily cash flow which is paid over the 24 hours of the day at an hourly rate.

Prisoner Wages[]

Reports prisoner wages.png

With the Second Chances (DLC) installed, prisoners are paid a wage for their participation in jobs around the prison. Wages can be adjusted individually or globally for each job type. Higher wages motivates inmates to take part in prison labour and work related programs.


  • Buy a new piece of land after unlocking Land Expansion in the bureaucracy menu, and then cover the entirety of the new piece with forestry. This gives an income of about $50,000 from just exports (may vary, this was tested on a 200 prisoner minimum security prison, large map). You will need a lot of workers in order to maximize efficiency (in the testing prison, there were 8 gardeners with 40 workers in total) and you will need at least $100,000 before you put down the forestry, in order to buy the trees.