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Fire is an extremely dangerous event that slowly destroys your prison. It has an attack power of 0.1, and applies this damage every in-game minute. Fire also has a toughness value of 10, which doesn't make it easy to extinguish.

Fires starts off as a small flame that quickly grows in size. The fire will then begin spreading to nearby tiles which create more small flames that also grow in size. If not extinguished quickly, a fire can consume a large portion of your prison in under 4 in-game hours, and will consume any prison built on the small map size in a full in-game day.

Anything that comes into contact with fire will slowly get damaged until it gets destroyed. This includes all Materials and Objects. Additionally, any Prisoners or Staff member that attempts to walk across a flame will be slowed down significantly. This reduction in speed can cause a prisoner or staff member to get caught in the blaze which might end up killing them.

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Fires may spark because of:

Dealing With a Fire[]

The best way to deal with a fire once it is ablaze is to call in firemen from the emergencies tab. Once they have arrived, send the firemen over to the location of the blaze by selecting them and then right clicking the location that you want them to go to. Once they are there, press and hold down 'H' to aim the water at the fire.

You can also place Sprinklers around the prison that will place water during the event of a fire.

Reducing Prison Temperature After Fire[]

In a case where your prison temperature (if Weather is enabled) is increased after a fire, and if ventilation is not reducing the temperature fast enough, you can re-call the firemen and have them manually spray water ('H') in areas to quickly reduce temperature wherever it is needed.

Starting a Fire[]

If you wish, you may start a fire by calling in firemen and spraying water (from the hose) on a generator. If you do this, however, ensure that the firemen are dismissed (clicking the "X" on the small menu that pops up on the right when they arrive) or otherwise they will attempt to put the fire out.

Tips, Tricks & Trivia[]

  • Laundry Machines use both water and electricity in the same tile, making it a hot spot for starting fires. Consider installing a Pipe Valve on the pipe leading to them. You can turn off the Pipe Valve manually to let the firemen and Workmen do their jobs without them being injured.
  • When playing as a prisoner intending to escape, starting fires in key areas will disrupt the pathfinding of the guards, particularly if fires are set to block guards from getting to you as they will tend to avoid the flames at all costs and wait for the fire brigade, making lighters especially useful at sowing chaos.