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The "Fog of War" is a visibility system which was added to the game in Alpha 3. The Fog of War will remove the visibility in your prison in unmanned areas of your prison. It will make rooms that are not covered by CCTV appear slightly darker. Fog of War will also make prisoners and some items invisible in the unmanned areas of your prison, therefore it is recommended that guard patrols and CCTV cameras are used. It is also recommended that you put CCTV cameras in unmanned areas such as the armoury and kennel, for example. When making a new game, fog of war can be disabled, which allows you to see all objects and prisoners. Also, at the beginning of the game, when no prisoners are at your prison, fog of war will not be present until prisoners arrive.


  • Prisoners become invisible in unmanned parts of your prison
  • Harder to keep track of your prisoners during a riot.
  • Can't see if prisoners are fighting or not.
  • Makes it harder to control your prison.
  • Makes it hard to keep track of prisoners.