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The Foundation Education Program is a reform program that is aimed at providing inmates with a basic foundation in reading, writing and math skills. Inmates are required to complete this program before being eligible for the General Education Qualification.

Many inmates lack even a basic foundation in reading, writing, and math skills. This course brings inmates up to that level. Passing allows prisoners to work in the Library.


This reform program has the following requirements:


This reform program is led by an external teacher that will be present during the periods when the session are held.

There is a cost per session as follows:

  • $300 per session ($3,000 in total)
  • 10 sessions at 3 hours each
  • Maximum of 20 students (prisoner) per session

This reform program has a difficulty level of easy and is voluntary for prisoners to attend


To make the most of the reform program paid for, it is recommended to place 20 School Desks in the Classroom.

It is also recommended to maintain the needs of your inmates during the periods when the sessions are held as they are more likely to attend and then go on to pass.


File = reform_programs.txt

BEGIN Program
    Name            FoundationEducation
    SessionCost     -300
    Places          20
    SessionLength   180
    NumSessions     5
    Difficulty      25
    Room            Classroom
    Teacher         Teacher
    Equipment       SchoolDesk
    Research        Education
    Intake          Voluntary
    Properties      CanHireExternally
    Properties      StudentsSit
    Properties      Academic