Prison Architect Wiki

Freefire is an emergency command that authorises your armed security staff members to draw their firearms and use lethal force whenever required.

As such, freefire only applies to:

  • Armed Guards who will draw and immediately fire their shotguns at misbehaving prisoners.
  • Snipers who will resort straight to lethal force instead of utilising warning shots.

Both of these armed personnel can use their firearm without freefire authorisation, but only under strict circumstances:

  1. Armed Guards will use their firearm if their own life or the life of another is under threat.
  2. Snipers will immediately resort to lethal force if a prisoner is escaping/misbehaving in an insecure area, or they do not desist after the warning shots have been fired.

Enabling Freefire can lead to an increase in the loss of life of your prisoners, so be wary and only use it if absolutely necessary. The following circumstances are key examples of when enabling Freefire may be a good idea:

  • During riots or mass misdemeanors.
  • During escape attempts where a prisoner is close to freedom.
  • When attempting to subdue a deadly, extremely tough legendary prisoner.
  • When attempting to subdue a prisoner with a lethal weapon.