Prison Architect Wiki

The Farming Orchard is a room added in the Going Green DLC, to grow fruit trees. Fruit trees will bear fruits that can be harvested and used for prisoner meals or sold as exports. The logistics menu's crop distribution option allows you to set up you preferred crop allocation.

While you can set fruits be delivered directly to the kitchen, a smarter solution would be to set distribution to a Pantry or Storage first. Pantry is preferred, as it is chilled and will stop grown ingredient from spoiling after 3 days. Then direct those to the kitchen. This way you can create a storage buffer for food in you prison.

The trees are tended to by farmers, or prisoners that have passed the Farm Work Safety program.

Unlike the Farming Field and Vegetable Allotment, trees does not need to be replanted, as trees will produce fruit continuously. Compost Fertilizer, High Quality Fertilizer and farming machines can't be used on Fruit Trees, and seeds are bought in packs of 5. Sending fruits to kitchen will not only increase quality of the meal and save money, but also increase the meal preparation speed significantly since fruits are served without cooking.

Botanist warden, will double export price for each crop, increase drop chance for seeds, and extend wilting and spoiling time for growing crops and harvested ingredients.

Reports->Policy tab can set the proportion of kitchen ingredients taken from farming.


Apple- and Orange trees are unlocked by default, but banana and peach requires farming researched.

Type Time to first harvest Regrowth time Yield per harvest Average yield per day Price per fruit
Apple Tree 108 Hours 48 10 5 $ 4
Banana Tree 156 Hours 96 16 4 $ 6
Peach Tree 120 Hours 60 10 4 $ 6
Orange Tree 96 Hours 36 8 5.333 $ 3


A Shed placed in a Fruit Orchard, contains several contraband that can be used as weapons. For that reason, security measures should be put in place to avoid dangerous contraband from being moved out of the Fruit Orchard.

Prisoners may also in secret, gather contraband used to make booze in the Fruit Orchard. Inmates can grow drugs even if they have not completed Farm Work Safety program. Having dog patrols patrolling the area is advised.


Farming areas are not included in shakedown searches, (except for seeds, fertilizer and boxes). However reports->policy tab allows you to set scheduled search Frequency for farming areas. (Never / Daily / Every 3 days / Every 5 days / Weekly), and what should be searched (Crops Only / Inmate Labourers / Everything).