Prison Architect Wiki

'CHAPTER 3 - G.A.B.O.S.' is, as stated, the third chapter in the prison campaign stories.

This chapter mainly teaches the player about riot handling and the establishing of better security measures/policies.


This chapter details the outbreak of a large-scale, uncontrolled prison riot at Alchemico State Prison where, as reported on CNDC News, many of the prison staff were taken hostage by the riot ringleader: Douglas Benedict. This included the CEO of Prison Architect Corporations, Charles Wallace.

The CEO's unnamed deputy took the reigns and was tasked with reclaiming and securing the prison.

Douglas Benedict made the circumstances of the hostage and riot situations known to the outside officials via a corded telephone from which he made his demands.

Benedict toyed with his hostages, killing most of them in a sadistic Russian roulette game before directly threatening the CEO for information regarding a file Benedict caught him burning moments before the riot took hold.

Armed Police deployed by Mayor Calvin Heller managed to breach the premises and shoot down the remaining rioters including Benedict himself. Charles Wallace, caught in the crossfire, was also shot dead.


The following are all the objectives, both optional and required, that the player is tasked with during the mission.

  • Recapture security room.
  • Stop the riot.
  • Hire guards and deploy them to the recaptured zones.
  • (OPTIONAL) Tend to the medical needs of your prison.
  • (OPTIONAL) Build an Infirmary and treat the wounded.
  • (OPTIONAL) Build a Morgue and collect the dead.
  • Recapture the General Population wing (central).
  • Recapture the Special wing (west).
  • Recapture the Maximum Security wing (south)
  • Bring the fire under control.
  • (OPTIONAL) Build a solitary wing and start punishing rioters.
  • (OPTIONAL) Implement new security protocols.
  • Unlock the Armoury via the Bureaucracy tab.
  • Build an armoury.
  • Deploy armed guards around the prison.
  • Unlock body armour for all security staff.
  • Unlock tasers for your armed guards.
  • (OPTIONAL) Build a staff room for your exhausted staff.
  • (OPTIONAL) Balance the accounts - (positive bank balance & cashflow).
  • (OPTIONAL) Establish a punitive labour program.
  • Build a Cleaning Cupboard.
  • Build a Laundry.
  • Assign inmates to work in cleaning.
  • Assign inmates to work in laundry.
  • Clean the prison.
  • Provide clean laundry.


Armed Guards arrive at your prison re-named as Armed Police; They arrive as a group of 4 in a Riot Van