Prison Architect Wiki

Garbage is where all the waste from your prison is sent. This garbage and/or Recycled Garbage is picked up via the delivery truck, boat or helicopter. When you first start your prison, there is always a designated garbage area. This can be changed later along if desired. Workers place rubble and dumped items in garbage bags, Cooks use them for food scrap disposal.

You can place Recycling Bins to recycle your garbage. If you have researched recycling Incentive, the prison will receive $10 for each Recycled Garbage that leaves the map by transport.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • You can save space in your prison by designating the garbage area vertically along the pavement next to the road (which you cannot normally build on).
  • Ensure the garbage area is at least one truck length below the deliveries area; this allows the loading of garbage and the unloading of deliveries to happen at the same time.