Prison Architect Wiki

Gardeners are maintenance staff members responsible for maintaining general cleanliness around your facility, specifically the outdoor areas.

The Foreman is the administrator responsible for researching and unlocking the gardeners.

Grounds Keeping[]

Gardeners use rakes to sweep up overgrown weeds & flowers, dead grass, mud, vines, cracks and other undesirable accumulations. Grounds keeping outdoors works in an identical way to janitors cleaning indoor areas. Gardeners go a long way to satiating the environmental needs of your prisoners and staff.



Aside from keeping your outdoor areas tidy, gardeners will also work in your forestry areas. They're responsible for planting new trees. They will do this using spades.

However, gardeners have limited duties in the forestry. The workmen carry out the rest of the forestry jobs.

Reform Programs[]

Flower Therapy - This therapy program is designed to give a calming effect to the prisoners. It is run by a gardener in the flower garden over a period of 5 daily sessions x 2 hours each.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • Gardeners, like most other staff members, will flee from danger.
  • Janitors and gardeners wear similar uniforms, the obvious difference being gardeners wear green and janitors dress in blue.
  • A gardener's ability to keep your outdoor areas at an optimal aesthetic level isn't very high. It appears that an outdoor area can never be perfectly tidy and clean, irrespective of the number of gardeners you have.
  • Like janitors, manually clicking a gardener and sending them to an outdoor area of your prison will eventually force that, or other, gardener(s) to clean that area.