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Going Green is a DLC that was released along side with the free content patch The Glasshouse, on 28 January 2021 on all platforms except for mobile.

Feature Overview[]


Green Energy[]


  • Narcotic Production
    • Fields can be utilized by prisoners to secretly grow contraband herbs
    • Fields becoming potential Gang Turf
    • Herbs can be gathered and become Drug contraband
  • Booze Production
    • Kitchen ingredients and prison grown fruit etc. can be gathered by inmates and fermented/brewed
    • After several stages, Alcohol contraband is produced
  • New reputations:
    • Dealer
    • Supplier
  • New contraband sources
    • Bin - booze kicker
    • Compost Bin - booze kicker
    • Drink Machine - booze ingredient
    • Farming Field - trowel, hand fork, axe, saw, produced narcotics
    • Flower Garden - shears, spade, trowel, hand fork
    • Fruit Orchard - trowel, hand fork, axe, saw, booze ingredient
    • Kitchen - booze ingredient
    • Pantry - booze ingredient
    • Vegetable Allotment - trowel, hand fork, axe, saw

Recreational Gardening[]

Items Overview[]

New walls[]

New objects[]

New flooring types[]

New Quick Room[]

New premade maps[]

  • The Work Fields
  • Green Power Plant

New wardens[]

Bugfixes and improvements[]


  • Clothes no longer get stuck inside of the washing machine causing an issue with dirty laundry.
  • Ingredients should no longer be stacking up in the fridges and preventing the cooks from working.
  • Workers no longer get stuck trying to build new structures.
  • Delivery trucks and boats efficiency.


  • The prisoner intake does not match the actual intake.